How is each area of your life being supported at home?

Every aspect of our life and well-being can be related to a physical area in our home.  We may not be used to thinking of our space this way, but every single part of our home was designed to serve an intended purpose; an aspect of our daily life. 


We want to get to the heart of that purpose so we can make the most of our experience.


We need to ask ourselves, what do we desire our life to look and feel like in our space?

What is our ideal home vision?

Housepath Home is a framework designed to ensure that we are nourishing all aspects of ourselves and our lives at home. 

What would your life look and feel like in each one of these areas if you could design it?  Housepath Home is about nourishing all areas of our lives at home so we feel FULLY ALIVE and SUPPORTED in mind, body and spirit. As the saying goes, if we don't know where we are going, how do we plan on getting there?

The homewheel provides the framework and path for our growth.  This is our path home.

And movement in our homes, creates movement in our lives.

We want to get it moving.


associated with the living room, dining room


associated with the home office, craft/hobby room


 associated with the family room play room, rec room, yard


associated with the bathroom, exercise area, closet, laundry room


 associated with the kitchen and garden


usually associated with the bedroom


usually associated with a shrine, altar or meditation space


usually associated with the foyer,  entire home

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